Sunday, February 21, 2010

.NET 4.0 Beta Exams - Absolutely Free

.NET 4.0 exams are on its way and will be available between March 31, 2010 to April 20, 2010 Beta Exams

The exams which will be availabe are:

70-511 TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-513 TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-515 TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-516 TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft® .NET Framework 4
70-519 Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications using Microsoft® .NET Framework 4

70-518 Pro: Designing and Developing Windows® Applications using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 will not be available in this time frame but should be available in the April time frame.

Question: How to participate in beta exams?
Answer : Participating in Beta Exams

Passing the beta exam

You usually receive your exam score by the time the final version of the exam becomes available—this may be 16 to 20 weeks after you take the exam. This timeframe reflects the comprehensive process used to evaluate the beta exam results. If you pass the beta exam, you earn credit for that exam and any resulting certification. You do not need to retake the exam in its final version if you pass the beta version.
If you do not pass the beta exam, you cannot retake it. You must wait to take the exam in its final version at the regular cost of US$125. There are a limited number of seats available for beta exams, and it is important to allow a variety of candidates to participate. You should not use a beta exam as a practice test.
If you believe your score should be available and it is not, first check if Prometric has posted it. If not, contact Prometric. If Prometric has posted a score, but you do not see the score on your Microsoft transcript, contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center.

Best of Luck :)

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